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in case of accident or injury

We offer you lawsuit cash advances, safe, risk-free and according to your needs. Plaintiffs in the middle of a lawsuit find themselves in a financial difficulty. Avoid complicating your accident or injury claim, we are the reliable source for accident and personal injury settlement funding in New York.

No funding is too little or too much for lawsuit financing and settlement advances.

Our partner Villagómez Capital provides you with settlement advances that can help you stay afloat, at the lowest interest rate in the market. Get financial help while you wait for your claim to be resolved in a simple, stress-free, and no-hassle application. Contact us or fill out the application, at a no cost and only takes a few minutes. In just 24 hours we will review your case and approve it. After the approval of your case we will send you your funds immediately.

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If you are experiencing financial hardship from accidental injuries or disabilities that were not your fault and your attorney has filed a lawsuit, we can help you get the cash you need, RIGHT NOW!

construction accident

Construction accident

work related accidents

Work related accident

car accident icon

Car accident

medical practice


slip and fall

Slip and

premises liability

Premises liability


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Why finance

your accident or injury case?

no upfront cost

No Upfront Costs

No complications! Payment is made after our attorneys wins the case. We never charge advances or monthly payments for claim financing.
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Low rates

Call our toll free number so we can hear and analyzed your case and based on it we will give you the funding you need, with a rate below the average. Providing you with the comprehensive help you deserve.
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Fast funding

We will review your case and approve your cash advance within 24 hours. The application process is simple and only takes a few minutes to complete it or you can call out toll free number.
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Additional, lawsuit funding is meant to help you in that time of need where you need the most.
according to your necessity

Cash according
to your need

Lawsuit funding is settled according to your case, no funding is too little or too much for lawsuit financing and settlement advances. We specialize in no-hassle, simple application, cash advance settlements.


Monthly bills, living expenses and medical expenses are not suspended after suffering an injury, nor will your creditors want to hear promises of payments once your case is finally resolved. You need cash today and we will help you get it.

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about lawsuit funding

Lawsuit financing is money you need to reach the end of your pending lawsuit.
This adance money is available to cover your expenses that you cannot obtain due to some type of accident and / or personal injury.

Settlement financing is when you need money for the duration of your claim, this settlement financing can help. In simple terms, it is a form of settlement available for various civil laws

Pre-settlement financing is an advance on your legal claim, helping the plaintiff have a financial break in tough times. It is a risk-free tool on its way to liquidation.

To obtain pre-settlement financing you need to submit your application which will take a few minutes or call our toll free number. We will review your case and immediately deliver the money.

We avoid the high rates that various companies offer in pre settlement financing. We focus on rates between 3% to 1%, depending on the case, the rate is adapted to your situation.

Your advance will be delivered in less than 24 hours, your accident or personal injury case is analyzed and treated immediately by our staff.


There is no minimum or maximum value. Our ally Villagómez Capital, analyzes your case and provides you with what you need to solve your need, safely and quickly.

All cases related to accidents and personal injuries. You do not need a lawyer, doctor or money. 877 Herido will handle your case.

We accommodate to your needs, we can send you by check, cash, PayPal, among others. No hassle, no application fee, no credit check.


Nobody wants to suffer an ACCIDENT, especially if you don't know what to do or who to trust. 877 Herido brings the complete solution for you!

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"Our Latino community keeps growing"

For more than 20 years we have helped Latinos who work in construction to solve their cases related to different accidents and personal injuries. Do you want to know how you can be part of this network?